The Cure: Valencia Ď87






Good audience recording with bad edition, you can hear clicks or pops between each track not very noisy but enough to bother me, apart Letís go to bed is cut and only last half the time, the surprises are Strange day, The blood and Drowning man, also the audience was really great, Spaniards are good for that. Pornography was played but doesnít appear on this bootleg what a shame.


Live at Deportivo, Valencia, Spain. 20.10.87


Audience recording, Quality -8.


Handmade covers designed by Belen


Song list


  1. The kiss, torture, a Japanese dream, a strange day, catch, just like heaven, a night like this, the blood, if only tonight we could sleep, like cockatoos, the walk, in-between days, the perfect girl, the snakepit, 100 years
  2. A forest, fight, close to me, letís go to bed, why canít I be you, the drowning man, charlotte sometimes, boys donít cry, 10.15 Saturday night, killing an Arab.