The Cure: Unplugged & more




This one is a compilation of 2 shows and is the best recording from the Faith album that I know and the best one of the Unplugged show.

The first part is the unplugged and sounds really better than Acoustic daze, I don't know why but this show even when is available on laser disc always sounds horrible, well this is the less horrible version and deserves an 8.

The Faith part is amazing great sound but not the full show just partial gig quality 10.

After all this is a must have because its high quality




Letís go to bed, just like heaven, the caterpillar, the blood, boys donít cry, the walk, closing theme. From MTV show 3/3/91, good Soundboard recording and far better than acoustic daze, quality 8.

The holy hour, in your house, the drowning man, 10:15 Saturday night, accuracy, the funeral party, m, primary, other voices, all cats are grey, fire in Cairo, play for today.


Live in Werchmter Rock Fest. Belgium 5/7/81.

Excellent Soundboard recording & as I know the best from this tour, Quality 10.