The Cure: Toronto '81




Oh my God! ,  I wonder, How many The Cure fans returned from this concert and quietly hung themselves. This one is totally pessimistic & depressive, one of the bitterest concerts I have heard, this is the preceding for Pornography, the first CD and the first 2 tracks in CD2 in special are played with really low style and effortless and if you count that Faith album is not an easy pill to swallow this version is worst, All cats are grey ends earlier like 1:30 minute, also Jumping someone else's train is merged with Another journey by train, also Carnage visors is just the end and wasn’t played by The Cure is the sound of the film, the sound is good but nothing special, some screams here and there but no many crow's noise, If you want to commit suicide this one would be a great soundtrack, other way think seriously if you want it.


Song list


  1. Carnage visors/Holy hour, in your house, the drowning man, 10:15 Saturday night, accuracy, the funeral party, M, primary, other voices, all cats are grey.
  2. At night, three imaginary boys, fire in Cairo, play for today, grinding halt, a forest, faith, jumping someone else's train/Another journey by train.


Live at Concert hall, Toronto, Canada. August 30th, 1981


Audience recording, Quality 8.


Handmade covers designed by me, Vegueta.