The Cure: Strasbourg




From my collection this is the poorest concert from this era the sound is really cheap with a mix of hollow, far and distortioned quality, even worst some versions of this shows features Forever, in my case this song is missed, apart of that the performance is not the most inspired, almost the end of the tour and after the show a fight between Robert & Simon results in them both walking out of the band. Both of them eventually returned to The Cure but Simon leaves the band at June 11th.


Song list


The drowning man, a short term effect, cold, at night, the hanging garden, Siamese twins, 3 imaginary boys, primary, splintered in her head, one hundred years, play for today, a strange day, a forest, pornography, 10:15 Saturday night, killing an Arab.


Live at Hall Tivoli, Strasbourg, France. 27.05.82


Audience recording, Quality 7.


Handmade covers designed by Olivier