The Cure: Rennes 80




Awesome concert with a great recording , the only problem happens over Jumping someone elses train with some interference apart of that really great, including an early version of Primary & the Subway song, what a highlight!, 2 times played Play for today and with another sound since this concert was months after Mathieu departure.


Song list


  1. The holy hour, play for today, three imaginary boys, primary, in your house, 10.15 saturday night, accuracy, at night, m, fire in cairo, another day, boys don't cry, jumping someone elses train, another journey by train
  2. Grinding halt, a forest, seventeen seconds, all cats are grey, forever, killing an arab, subway song, im cold, plastic passion, do you wanna touch, play for today



Live at L Espace, Rennes, France. October 28th 1980


Audience recording, Quality 9