The Cure: Live on Prospect Hill




The last performance of Mr. Hartley in the band, that is the important point of this one, the sound is really great for an audience recording of that era and I can say that one song is lost from the original bootleg in vinyl, the second Play for today, the versions of this show in CD have that problem and also many songs are lost on this and vinyl versions: Foxy Lady, Forever & Object.


Song list


Seventeen seconds, play for today, three imaginary boys, fire in Cairo, in your house, 10.15 Saturday night, at night, accuracy, boys donít cry, plastic passion, m, jumping someone elseís train, another journey by train, grinding halt, forest, subway song, I'm cold, killing an Arab, meat hook, another day.



Live at prospect Hill, Melbourne, Australia. 26th August 1980


Audience recording, Quality 9


Covers adapted from the vinyl so they are for square boxes, Thank you Jesus for the artwork.