The Cure: Porl's first gig






Porl's first gig or Porl's return everything depends of your point of view as you probably know Porl was part of the first incarnation of The Cure even before they called The Cure or Easy cure, later Robert put out Porl and later he returned during the The Top sessions to play the saxophone and later become the new member.


The sound is pretty good but there is an stupid interference that attack over many tracks with a horrible sound and last like half second and later simple disappears.






1.       Shake dog shake, play for today, the drowning man, m, primary, the wailing wall, piggy in the mirror, the empty world, the hanging garden, cold, three imaginary boys, banana fishbones, 100 years, give me it, a forest, the top.

2.       The caterpillar, the walk, 10:15 Saturday night, killing an Arab, forever.



Live at New Castle city hall, New Castle, UK. 25.04.84


Soundboard recording, Quality 9.


Handmade covers designed by me, Vegueta.