The Cure: Beacon Theatre Ď84






From all the members The Cure has had the most obscure and forgettable of all is Phil Thornalley, and this is his last ever performance with The Cure and he said goodbye to the fans and the band without shame or glory, just another performance with good sound mainly because Boris on drums but nothing else a very large set list and some tracks that doesnít fit with the covers since my version has 2 extra songs in the 1CD and two less in CD2





1.      Shake dog shake, piggy in the mirror, wailing wall, m, primary, cold, the hanging garden, charlotte sometimes, secrets, the walk, letís go to bed, 100 years, give me it

2.      A forest, the top, happy the man, the caterpillar, three imaginary boys, boys donít cry, the lovecats, 10.15 saturday night, killing an arab, forever



Live at The Beacon Theatre, NYC, USA. 17.11.84


Audience recording. Quality +8.