The Cure: Herford '80 Play for today



Well this one is the bootleg called "Live in Brussels 1980" of Super Golden Radio Shows, but in fact is from Herord, Germany. Even when the alternative covers of the LP are wrong and indicate that the concert is from Hanover, (but at least they are closer to the reality) so I only adapted them to the CD format and changed the place & date.

The sound is amazing no surprises apart that some songs are played twice and the Happy Birthday song that was dedicated to Simon Gallup and that gives us the clue to know that this one is from Herford and not from Brussels, please don't ask again, I did a really good investigation about it for more info read The Cure: A visual documentary by Dave Thompson & Jo-Ann Greene or read about it on The Cure Visual Discography.


Song List

Seventeen seconds, play for today, 3 imaginary boys, fire in Cairo, in your house, 10:15 Saturday night, M, at night, accuracy, jumping someone else's train / another journey by train, grinding halt, a forest, plastic passion, boys don't cry, subway song, killing an Arab, happy birthday, a forest, 10:15 Saturday night, play for today.


Live at Scala, Herford, Germany. 31 May, 1980.

Soundboard recording, Quality 10.

Covers adapted by me, Vegueta from the original 2 LP set just changed the place & date.