The Cure: Play for today.



This is an "official" bootleg and for me one of the best sounding from this era a complete soundboard recording, yes is true the song list is more than simple but the sound is so great that this one is a must have for all of us, this one was bootlegged by Swingin' Pig records and if you are in bootlegs you know that they create really good bootlegs.


Song List

A reflection, play for today, three imaginary boys, in your house, fire in Cairo, 10:15 Saturday night, m, at night, accuracy, jumping someone elseís train/another journey by train, grinding halt, a forest, seventeen seconds, plastic passion, boys donít cry, killing an Arab.


Recorded live at Stokvishal, Arnheim, Netherlands. May 24, 1980.

Soundboard recording, quality 9.