The Cure: Picture tour-Perkins place Pasadena




Well this one has been re-mastered I donít know by whom but that is pretty clear the sound is really bass at some points and the volume is low also the last minute of All cats are grey and the first 2 of Three imaginary boys are lost so only lasts 1 minute, those are the problems, the song list is long and the concert is great but without nothing really special, the mood is much happier than in other Faith gigs with that sad and bitter sound here the songs sound good and with less bitterness.


Song list


  1. The holy hour, in your house, the drowning man, 10.15 Saturday night, accuracy, the funeral party, m, primary, other voices, all cats are grey, three imaginary boys, at night, fire in Cairo, play for today, grinding halt, splintered in her head, a forest
  2. Faith, jumping someone elseís train, another journey by train, killing an Arab, forever



Live at Perkins place, Pasadena, California, USA


Audience recording, Quality -8.


Handmade covers designed by Belen (Thank you so much!!!)