The Cure: Paris í87 Second night




Much better than the previous night in sound and song list in fact the song list is amazing including: Other voices, The blood, The lovecats (Simply wonderful), At night and Pornography. I have to say Iím really envy of Parisians they always have the best concerts in special the seconds and thirds nights are always excellent and this one wasnít the exception, the sound is good but nothing really spectacular, as almost always during this tour.


Song list


1.       The kiss, torture, a Japanese dream, a strange day, catch, just like heaven, other voices, the blood, if only tonight we could sleep, like cockatoos, the walk, in-between days, the perfect girl, 100 years, the snakepit,

2.       A forest, fight, the lovecats, letís go to bed, why canít I be you, the drowning man, charlotte sometimes, at night, boys donít cry, 10.15 Saturday night, killing an Arab, pornography.


Live at Palais Omnisports, Paris, France. November 12th 1987


Audience recording, Quality +8


Handmade covers designed by me, Vegueta.