The Cure: Nijmegen '82




Bootlegs from this era are always welcomed by me, the sound is like a tape without Dolby system, some hiss and the sound is a little bit far, anyway enough good to be enjoyable, the song list doesn't present surprises, but is good, also you can hear the Intro of the concert almost always missed as usual Pornography, Cold & Splintered in her head are the highlights of this bootleg, a strange cover designed by me using a very rare picture of Lol & Simon in a bench.




1.          Intro/the figurehead, a short term effect, the drowning man, m, cold, charlotte sometimes, at night, 3 imaginary boys, primary, 100 years, Siamese twins, splintered in her head, play for today, a strange day.

2.          A forest, pornography, the hanging garden, 10-15 Saturday night, killing an Arab, forever


Audience recording, quality -8.

Live at Verengerring theatre, Nijmegen, Holland. 07.05.82 

Handmade covers designed by me, Vegueta.