The Cure: Just like cockatoos





This show as taped by the same person who did the Ritz show one day after this one, but the result in this one is nothing close to the other even if some traders like Mike, think different this one is really mediocre, I imagine this one was done by the same person because the same equipment was used, of course the Ritz is a smaller venue than MSG so that helps to get a better recording, but this one is not good enough.


Once a good trader told me KMX3 is the bastard tour, all the recordings are poor, well not poor but is so far the tour with less quality on them, the sound is simply average there are no big mistakes on it, but sounds far.


Equipment used in the recording:


Sony WM-d6

Sony ECM-909





  1. Eye mou Ė the kiss, torture, all I want, Japanese dream, catch, just like heaven, hot hot hot!!!, if only tonight we could sleep, like cockatoos, the walk, in between days, how beautiful you are, the walk, the perfect girl, snake pit
  2. A forest, fight, close to me, letís go to bed, one more time, Charlotte sometimes, shiver and shake, three imaginary boys, primary, boys donít cry, why cant I be you?



Live at Madison Square garden, NY, USA. August 10th 1987


Audience recording, Quality +7