The Cure: Merry Christmas (Full show




For me the best bootleg from this tour and one of my top 3 favorites bootlegs of The Cure, Why this one is the full show?, there is a commercial version of this show with only 2 CD's but 4 songs out of the same, the sound in my opinion is a soundboard but many traders believe this one is an Audience recording, anyway an excellent sound on the first song you can hear a minimum distortion but this one disappears since the first half of Strange day, the sound of the bass is loud at some points.

The show was in fact the 3rd night at Wembley arena and the end of the tour so they played as long as they could and they did it brilliantly, many highlights again as usual at the end of the tours just read this: The Blood (For this tour strange), Other voices, Love cats (Yes you read right the full version not just some notes), Drowning man & Pornography.

As far as I know Lol Tolhurst last performance was this one, he was fired of The Cure as the kissing tour ended so, this is one more reason to have it.




1.       The kiss, torture, strange day, play for today, catch, just like heaven, the blood, other voices, a night like this, Kyoto song, like cockatoos, the walk, in between days, the perfect girl, snakepit, hundred years.

2.       A forest, fight, lovecats, let's go to bed, Why can't I be you, drowning man, Charlotte sometimes, faith, 3 Imaginary boys, primary, boys don't cry, shiver & shake, at night.

3.       10:15 Saturday night, killing an Arab, Pornography, merry Christmas everybody.


Live at Wembley arena. December 9th, 1987.

Audience recording?, Quality -9.

Covers adapted by me, Vegueta.