The Cure: Marl 1984






This one is a real soundboard recording later radio broadcasted so being direct from the soundboard there is almost no audience noise, itís almost like a live at the studio from time to time between songs you can hear some screams but not too much, anyway the radio station started with the stupid DJ comments and the show starts later in the middle of Shake dog shake, later at the end of the show, when they back for encores the show starts later again so Happy the man is also cut and starts in the middle.





Shake dog shake, piggy in the mirror, primary, play for today wailing wall, the hanging garden, the empty world, Charlotte sometimes, the walk, 100 years, give me it, a forest, the top, happy the man, the caterpillar, 10:15 Saturday night, killing an Arab, forever.


Live at Festival Jahnstadion, Marl, Germany. September 2nd 1984


Soundboard recording, Quality 9