The Cure: Mad Bob and the screwtones




For me the best show from Beach party tour it doesn't have a great sound as In Orange from laser disc but has a great sound anyway and a good song list, and it is not available as video as the other, the CD2 was filled with songs from July 8th 1990 tracks 9 to 20, the surprise or highlight was M rare for this tour.





  1. intro, the baby screams, piggy in the mirror, play for today, a strange day, primary, the Kyoto song, Charlotte sometimes, the blood, in between days, the walk, a night like this, push, a hundred years, a forest, sinking.
  2. close to me, let's go to bed, six different ways, M, boys don't cry, give me it, Saturday night, killing an Arab, Charlotte sometimes, the same deep water as you, just like heaven, the kiss, play for today, in between days, disintegration, close to me, let's go to bed, why can't I be you, in your house, boys don't cry.


Soundboard recording, Quality 10.


Southern star amphitheater, Houston, Texas, USA. 08.07.86