The Cure: London '80




Even with its own limitations about the sound this one is a great concert in London, as usual a concert in London or Paris are the best for The Cure, the gig was at Rainbow Theater what give us a special mood, the song list is really typical an for me the highlight and strange point is Subway song, apart from that the concert is like most of them from this era.


Song List


A reflection, play for today, 3 imaginary boys, fire in Cairo, in your house, m, 10:15 Saturday night, accuracy, at night, boys don't cry, jumping someone else's train, another journey by train, a forest, seventeen seconds, subway song, killing an Arab, plastic passion, play for today.


Recorded at Rainbow Theater, London, UK. 11 May 80.

Audience recording, Quality -8.

Handmade covers designed by me, Vegueta.