The Cure: Kyoto songs (Full show)





This show is really popular as 1CD called Kyoto songs, but this time I got the full show and the sound is different, also the problems, the sounds is not hollow and far as in the 1CD version, but has fade ins and fade outs in all the songs, this happens so fast that maybe you won't noted unless you read this review, also Let's go to bed sounds really low during the first 10 seconds, the first 20 seconds of Sinking are lost. Well anyway is much better than the 1 CD version. About the covers I adapted the originals and only changed the song list.



Song list



  1. Intro, baby screams, play for today, Kyoto songs, primary, hanging garden, secrets, a night like this, in between days, let's go to bed, the walk, push, screw, 100 years, give me it, a forest, sinking.
  2. Six different ways, close to me, Charlotte sometimes, M, boys donít cry, three imaginary boys, 10:15 Saturday night, killing an Arab.



Soundboard recording, Quality 9.


Live in Ludwigshafen, Germany. 5 Dec 1985.