The Cure: Köln, Germany 1987




One of the best audience recordings from this era, in fact flawless, no jumps or distortions and a great performance as usual in Germany, the only sad part is the song list even when it is the full one is very normal and static, without surprises of any kind so at least for me that is a problem. Anyway a great addition to my collection and a great recording for this so difficult tour (About good recordings).


Live at Sporthalle, Cologne, Germany. 28.10.87


Audience recording, Quality +8.


Great handmade covers designed by Belen.


Song list


  1. Announcer, Intro, the kiss, torture, all i want, a Japanese dream, catch, just like heaven, hot hot hot, if only tonight we could sleep, like cockatoos, the walk, in between days, how beautiful you are, the perfect girl, the snakepit
  2. A forest, fight, close to me, let’s go to bed, one more time, charlotte sometimes, shiver and shake, three imaginary boys, primary, boys don’t cry, why can’t i be you