The Cure: Imaginary songs.




A compilation of 2 shows more for a beginner than an expert of Cure's bootlegs, the first part song from 1-9 is the more interesting one for me, even when is an audience recording is good enough to be hear it, the second part are songs that can be found on the amazing 10:15 Saturday night from 1979 tour but without a sound as good as the other.


Song list


Three imaginary boys, fire in Cairo, in your house, 10:15 Saturday night, at night, jumping some else's train, m, grinding halt, a forest, seventeen seconds, accuracy, play for today another journey by train, jumping some else's train, killing an Arab, subway song, grinding halt, boy's don't cry, at night.


Tracks 1-9 recorded June 28, 1980. Summer pop Festival, Veenendaal, Netherlands. Tracks 10-19 Recorded Milkweg, Amsterdam, Netherlands. December 1979.


Audience Recordings, Quality 8.5