The Cure: Hot Hot Hot!!!




This one is the most popular bootleg from this tour an "official" one the song list includes some surprises like a great version of Faith and Love cats even when is only an excerpt in the middle of Why can't I be you?, that is something that I can't understand about The Cure why they avoid to play the full version of Lovecats I have seen only a couple of shows with the full song, anyway I still prefer Parched Corn or the marvelous Wembley 3rd night.




1.        Plainsong, pictures of you, close down, the Kyoto song, a night like this, just like heaven, last dance, fascination street, cold, charlotte sometimes, the walk, a forest, In between days, the same deep water as you.

2.        Prayer's for rain, disintegration, lullaby, close to me, let's go to bed, why can't I be you?/ The love cats, hot hot hot, three imaginary boys, boys don't cry, faith.


Live at Palasport, Torino, Italy. June 9, 1989.

Audience recording, Quality +8.