The Cure: Sweet Talking Guy




This show is the same as In orange but with a quality good taken from the video and the song list edited in different order, some traders say that is from Houston I donít know where the bloody hell they took the information but is totally wrong, a better copy can be found on In Orange from laser disc.




1.       Shake dog shake, primary, in between days, push, charlotte sometimes, a strange day, play for today, Kyoto song, the walk, piggy in the mirror, one hundred years, a forest, a night like this, sinking.

  1. Close to me, faith, give me it, 10:15 Saturday night, three imaginary boys, six different ways, let's go to bed, boys don't cry, killing an Arab.


This one has been taken from the official video In Orange, Sound quality is really good, but the song list was altered from the original

Live In Orange, France. 09/08/86.Souinboard recording. Quality +8