The Cure: Girls don't cry




The name was taken from the original vinyl with that name, also the artwork (Thank you very much, Jesus) but as a difference with the vinyl this one doesnít contain the bonus tracks from Herford, Rotterdam & Amsterdam, also Jumping someone else's train and 17 seconds are lost in this bootlegs since it came from different source, the show is strange as Stockholm '80 with a primeval version of Primary and that strange sound of the first concerts without Mathieu Hartley. Also A forest fades out. The artwork was redesigned for this CD.


Song list


Primary, play for today, three imaginary boys, 10:15 Saturday night, accuracy, in your house, at night, M, fire in Cairo, boys donít cry, another day, a forest, I'm cold, killing an Arab


Audience recording, Quality 8.


Live at Neue Welt, Berlin, Germany. 14.10.80