The Cure: Exeter 1979





This one use to be here under the name Carshalton 1979 from Carshalton park, UK, June 1sy 1979 but according with The Cure concert's guide, the concert is from Exeter 1979 and not Carshalton, excuse me for the misinformation. This one was recorded by the original line up, the sound is far from the best is really bass, but the song list is pretty strange based on the first album, including: Object, Foxy lady, Do the hansa and a really amazing interpretation of 10:15 Saturday night punk version, also there are a lot of dialogues between Michael D. & Robert.





10:15 Saturday night, accuracy, grinding halt, subway song, object, another day, foxy lady, plastic passion, three imaginary boys, boys don't cry, fire in Cairo, killing an Arab, do the hansa, it's not you, 10:15 Saturday night (Punk version).



Live at Roots, Exeter, UK. 24.05.79


Audience recording, Quality -7.


Handmade covers designed by me, Vegueta.