The Cure: Essen '81




First let, me tell you that carnage visors wasn't played during the concert, in this tour they used to open with a projection of the film and the soundtrack of the same, so don't get excited about this point and with the rest of the review you will be more disappointed, the sound is pretty bad this one could be my worst The Cure bootleg but I have the stupid Accuracy which is even worst, the sound has been transferred from a LP with a horrible recording there are many distortions the sound goes from one speaker to other, there are lost of quality in the middle of the songs, after Fire in Cairo was played Play for today and they are merged as one track, well you can imagine the rest, don't say I didn't warn you!!!




1.           Carnage visors, the holy hour, in your house, the drowning man, 10-15 Saturday night, accuracy, the funeral party, m, primary, other voices, all cats are grey, 3 imaginary boys.

2.           At night, fire in Cairo, grinding halt, a forest, faith, jumping someone else's train, another journey by train, killing an Arab, boys don't cry, I'm cold, forever.


Audience recording, Quality +6.

Live At Saalbau, Essen, Germany. 20.06.81

Handmade covers designed by me, Vegueta.