The Cure: En Argentina





During the first part of '87 The Cure decided to do a tour across some countries of South America (Brazil & Argentina), the performances are almost as any performance from the Head tour and didn't include material from the then forthcoming album, Kiss Me X 3, the sound is good but nothing special, you can read lovecats on the covers but not is close to me, the performance wasnít brilliant and sounds more like we have to do this but we donít want, anyway as usual in Latin America the environment was so great that the performance only goes better.


Song list


  1. Shake dog shake, piggy in the mirror, play for today, a strange day, primary, Kyoto song, charlotte sometimes, in between days, the walk, a night like this, push, 100 years.
  2. A forest, sinking, close to me, letís go to bed, six different ways, three imaginary boys, boys donít cry, faith, give me it, 10.15 Saturday night, killing an Arab



Live at Ferrocarril Oeste stadium, Buenos Aires, Argentina. March 17th, 1987.


Audience recording, Quality 8.