The Cure: Empty world




The name of this show has been taken from Fear of ghost site that indicates that the original bootleg had this name but someone didn't scan the covers, because of that I have designed the covers. The highlights of the show are: Happy the man & empty world, anyway this is the classical poor performance from this era Andy Anderson is excellent in studio but not in concert and what can I say by the producer bass player Phil Tornalley well he is really much better on the sound board than on a stage.




1.      Shake dog shake, play for today, wailing wall, M, primary, dressing up, Charlotte sometimes, piggy in the mirror, empty world, hanging garden, the walk, banana fish bones, 100 years, give me it, a forest, the top, happy the man.

2.         Caterpillar, 10:15 Saturday night, killing an Arab, forever.



Live at Guildhall, Portsmouth, UK. 6 May 1984.

Audience recording, Quality +8.

Handmade covers designed by me, Vegueta.