Death: Chile Metal Fest ’98. Teatro Monumental, Santiago, Chile. 07.11.98




First of all I want to say thank you very much to Petri for this show.


Well after say thanks to him is time for a big DOH, Petri told me the show was at Estadio de Chile, what sounded bizarre to me, even when Death was  a great band they never filled stadiums and he took the information from the “Official Site” but all is wrong and the back cover contains a poster from that day with the real venue, so my friend again a big DOH J


A very unusual long set list, even a drum solo, what a great addition from this Festival with Cannibal Corpse and Death for it, the sound is very nice for shows about Death and the set list includes all, even a funny version of Charlie’s angels theme, really amazing show, the most complete live recording from the real creator of Death metal.


Audience recording, Quality +8


Handmade covers designed by me, Vegueta


Song list




The philosopher

Spiritual crusher

Trapped in a corner

Scavenger of human sorrow

Crystal mountain

Flesh and the power it holds

Suicide machine

Together as one

Zero tolerance

Zombie ritual



1000 eyes

story to tell

lack of comprehension

empty words

drum solo

flattering of emotions

bite the pain


a moment of clarity

charlie’s angel theme

pull the plug



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