The Cure: Water drowns




Well this time they really abused, if you are familiar with these pages you could think Iím overreacting about the review but in fact, trust me this a piece of S%$, I always defend Lol but he has no forgive of the gods in this performance he was simply the worst, but Robert was terrible close to him, Andy as mediocre as always and Phil who???, on special in Pornography I just can think they were rushed or something like that, also the sound is terrible bad not many distortions but sounds hollow and far and sometimes like recorded in a garage, the only interesting point is that is from í83 and there arenít too much bootlegs from that tour but thatís all. Honestly at the end I wonder who the hell owes me 1 hour and half of my life!


Song list


  1. The figurehead, in your house, m, the drowning man, cold, the hanging garden, Siamese twins, primary, three imaginary boys, at night, 100 years, play for today, a forest, the funeral party
  2. Faith, pornography, the walk, 10:15 Saturday night, killing an Arab, forever


Live at Kabuki theatre, San Francisco, USA. 10.08.83


Audience recording, Quality +6