The Cure: Honeymoon




Second show of the tour and a more reduced set list than at the end, the sound in general is really nice but at some points the microphone couldnít handle the volume of the PA and we can hear some kind of distortion, not a lot but hearable, also How Beautiful you are is cut and last 20 seconds are lost, Three imaginary boys is out of the recording and was played after Letís go to bed, same happens with Primary that should be after Shiver & Shake.


Song list


1.     The Kiss, Torture, All I Want, A Japanese Dream, Catch, Just Like Heaven, Hot Hot Hot !!!, If Only Tonight We Could Sleep, The Walk, Inbetween Days, How Beautiful You Are

2.     Like Cockatoos, The Perfect Girl, The Snakepit, A Forest, Fight, Close To Me, Let's Go To Bed, Shiver And Shake, Primary, Boys Don't Cry, Why Can't I Be You?



Audience recording, Quality 8


Live at Seattle center arena, Seattle, USA. 10.07.87