The Cure: Rodange Ď80




In general is nice but over 10:15 Saturday Night there are several recording problems with part of the song lost and terrible quality, the same bad quality audio happens at the very end of Subway song and beginning of Iím cold like if the taper was trying to hide the recording machine, so thatís the main reason for being rated as 7 other way easily can be an 8, In other hand we can find early versions of Primary and All cats are grey from the then forthcoming album FAITH. Play for today was played twice over the show as second track and again as last track.


Song list


The Holy Hour, Play For Today, Three Imaginary Boys, Primary, 10.15 Saturday Night, Accuracy, At Night, M, Jumping Someone Else's Train, Another Journey By Train, Grinding Halt, A Forest, Seventeen Seconds, All Cats Are Grey, Forever, Subway Song, Iím Cold, Do You Wanna Toch, Play For Today


Audience recording, Quality 7


Live at Blue Note, Rodange, Luxemburg. 31.10.80