The Cure: Brasil Parade




This latin American tour has really mediocre recordings, very sad, anyway in general no big mistakes just the sound is not good enough, nice to hear a Why cant I be you? Version almost completely developed and without Roger playing on it.



Song list


1.     Shake Dog Shake, Piggy In The Mirror, Play For Today, A Strange Day, Primary, Kyoto Song, Charlotte Sometimes, The Blood, Inbetween Days, The Walk, A Night Like This, Push, One Hundred Years, A Forest

2.     Sinking, Close To Me, Let's Go To Bed, Six Different Ways, Why Can't I Be You?, Three Imaginary Boys, Boys Don't Cry, Give Me It, Faith, 10.15 Saturday Night, Killing An Arab



Audience recording, Quality 7


Live at Gigantinho, Porto Allegre, Brazil. 21.03.87