The Cure: Paris 81




Full show with average quality for its era, after Funeral Party the tape finished so the taper switched sides but M starts with a terrible quality sound, as if the microphone was hidden under a big coat, even when the sound improves over the song, it never returns to the original quality, Fire in Cairo has something similar but softer and quality returns at the end of the song, and again on Grinding Halt but this time the volume never returns to a good level.



Song list


1.     Carnage Visors (Intro), The Holy Hour, In Your House, The Drowning Man, 10.15 Saturday Night, Accuracy, The Funeral Party, M, Primary, Other Voices, All Cats Are Grey, At Night, Three Imaginary Boys, Fire In Cairo, Play For Today, Splintered In Her Head, A Forest

2.     Faith, Grinding Halt, Boys Don't Cry, Killing An Arab, Forever



Audience Recording, Quality 7


Live at Olympia, Paris, France. 19.10.81