The Cure: Oxford Road Show ‘83




A BBC TV broadcast, just 2 songs live, and The Figurehead is cut over the show’s credits at the end of the same, just lasts 3 minutes, the sound is good but sound like what it is a recording taken from a VHS, to give you a better idea here is the show at Youtube. Derek Thompson was the bass player that night, his one and only performance with the band, he was part of the noise / industrial band called SPK  (Sozialistisches Patienten Kollektiv) .


It seems the original plot was to play Just One Kiss and Let’s go to bed but for a not known reason they changed the songs into this ones.


This bootleg came with Toronto ’83 that as a matter of fact is a FAKE date, the FAKE bootleg is just 4 songs, the band didn’t play in Toronto in 83.



Song list


One Hundred Years, The Figurehead



TV recording, Quality 8


Live at Oxford Road studios, Oxford, UK. 18.03.83