The Cure: Milan ‘84




Very nice audience recording, no problems on it all is perfect, until I found some information about the show, but this information taken from: , it’s not official and leave us with many doubts about this show, even having 5 different tapers, all of them with different idea about what happened that night.


CURE-CONCERT.DE’S NOTE: “There are conflicting informations about the setlist including 'Give Me It' and 'Happy The Man'. There are recordings that contain them and others that didn't have them. Even the Master tapers gave conflicting statements about. Especially about 'Give me It' it's hard to say if it was played as all recordings have something that sounds like a cut before and after the song, but even the recording that didn't have the song seems to have a cut between 'One Hundred Years' and 'A Forest'.

At least to my point of view it's very likely 'Happy The Man' was played before 'The Caterpillar' as that portion is seamless.”



Song list


1.     Shake Dog Shake, Play For Today, Wailing Wall, M, Primary, Dressing Up, Charlotte Sometimes, The Empty World, The Hanging Garden, Piggy In The Mirror, The Walk, Bananafishbones

2.     One Hundred Years, A Forest, The Top, The Caterpillar, Bird Mad Girl, 10.15 Saturday Night, Three Imaginary Boys, Killing An Arab, Forever



Audience Recording, Quality 9


Live at Teatro Tenda Lampugnano, Milan, Italy. 21.05.84