The Cure: Marseille 87




This bootleg is very difficult to get but the real question is do you really need it? This is the worst recording I have from this tour, not only we can hear speakers all around, jumps on some songs a terrible an annoying sound over A Forest like when the head of the tape recorder were very damaged, among many other reasons to avoid this one unless you want to have all the possible shows.


Song list


1.     The Kiss, Torture, All I Want, A Japanese Dream, Catch, Just Like Heaven, Hot Hot Hot !!!, If Only Tonight We Could Sleep, Like Cockatoos, The Walk, Inbetween Days, How Beautiful You Are, The Perfect Girl, The Snakepit, A Forest, Fight

2.     Close To Me, Let's Go To Bed, One More Time, Charlotte Sometimes, Shiver And Shake, Three Imaginary Boys, Primary, Boys Don't Cry, Why Can't I Be You?



Audience recording, Quality 6


Live at Parc Chanot, Marseille, France. 24.11.87