The Cure: All boys are grey




The show has early version of The Holy Hour, Primary and All cats are grey from the then forthcoming album, FAITH, already developed at 80% from the final idea, itís always nice to hear how the songs were changing over the time, the sound quality is really nice in this show. There is another version of this show without the last tracks and from different surce.


Song list


The Holy Hour, Play For Today, Three Imaginary Boys, Primary, In Your House, 10.15 Saturday Night, Accuracy, At Night, Another Day, All Cats Are Grey, M, Fire In Cairo, Jumping Someone Else's Train, Another Journey By Train, Grinding Halt, A Forest, Seventeen Seconds, Forever, Iím Cold, Plastic Passion, Do you u wanna touch, Killing An Arab


Audience recording, Quality +8


Live at Dominion Theatre, London, UK. 11.11.80