The Cure: The Cure are dead




First you will hear a horrible noise on your CD player, but itís not a noise is The figurehead that sounds really awful, the next songs improve a 100% but never reach a good audio, also At night suffers of the same problem, well the name was selected by myself because the last song is called The Cure are dead and itís Robert on drums, Lol on bass, Simon on guitars and a rodie called Gary Biddles, the song is so bad that everybody booed the band, and with this performance Simon left the band until 1985.


Song list


  1. The figurehead, m, the drowning man, a short term effect, cold, at night, splintered in her head, three imaginary boys, siamese twins, primary
  2. 100 years, the hanging garden, play for today, a strange day, a forest, pornography, the cure are dead



Live at Ancienne Belguique, Brussels, Belgium. 11.06.82


Audience recording, Quality Ė7


Handmade covers designed by me, Vegueta