The Cure: Darker Still




This latin American nightmare, that would be a better name for the recordings of this era, again we have an incomplete show without 2 of the last songs Close To Me, Let's Go To Bed arenít here, so because of that I could allocate all the songs in just one CD, sound is not bad but still average, I have heard 2 versions of this show, and this one is the best, the other version is louder but 60% of CD2 is fake! With songs from other shows, this is the best possible one from this date.



Song list


Shake Dog Shake, Piggy In The Mirror, Play For Today, A Strange Day, Primary, Kyoto Song, Charlotte Sometimes, Inbetween Days, The Walk, A Night Like This, Push, One Hundred Years, A Forest, Sinking, Boys Don't Cry, 10:15 Saturday Night, Killing an Arab


Audience recording, Quality +7


Live at Ferrocaril Oeste, Buenos Aires, Argentina. 18.03.87