The Cure: London 82




The sound is not too bad but there is an interference and lost in quality sound attacking in special 100 years in fact almost 1 minute is destroyed and also on Splintered in her head, Killing an Arab & Forever in this one is not as loud as in the other but enough to let you know. Also the next songs are out of the recording: The drowning man, m, cold & Charlotte Sometimes.


Song list


  1. The figurehead, a short term effect, at night, three imaginary boys, primary, 100 years, siamese twins, splintered in her head, play for today
  2. A strange day, a forest, pornography, the hanging garden, 10.15 Saturday night, killing an Arab, forever



Live at Hammersmith, London, UK. May 1st 1982


Audience recording, Quality 7


Handmade covers designed by me, Vegueta