The Cure: A prayer for China




First of all I want to say Thank you very much to Carlos for this amazing version


Probably the best recording from the whole tour, some gaps between 4 songs just to change the tape recorder but in fact sounds like recorded with MD or DAT, the song list contains 26 tracks of pure cure with a great performance of A forest with a long end, not as crazy as the extravaganza used during Wish era but great and the songs from Disintegration era sound quite magnificent all the members shine like few times in The Cure history. Faith is full of hysterical screams and full of hate lyrics!!!!


Equipment used on the recording:

Aud O Sony DS

C.C. Version



Song list


  1. Plainsong, pictures of you, closedown, Kyoto song, a night like this, just like heaven, last dance, fascination street, cold, charlotte sometimes, the walk, a forest, in between days, the same deep water as you
  2. Prayers for rain, disintegration, lullaby, close to me, let's go to bed, why can't I be you, a strange day, three imaginary boys, boys don't cry, homesick, untitled, faith



Live at Palaeur, Rome, Italy. June 4th 1989


Audience recording, Quality 9