The Cure: Budapest 89




One more of my strange bootlegs, this time I got it from Imrich (Good traders section) and wow is really good, a fantastic audience recording, with a great atmosphere the band and the audience were really happy of the first performance of The Cure in Hungary, but not everything is honey, unfortunately the concert is incomplete with 10 songs out of the recording and just 16 in the bootlegs to fill the 2CD we find Curiosity-Anomalies and Cranes: Fuse but those songs wont appear on my song list.




  1. Plainsong, pictures of you, closedown, Kyoto song, a night like this, just like heaven, last dance, fascination street, the walk, a forest, in between days, the same deep water as you, why can't I be you
  2. Hot hot hot, three imaginary boys, boys don't cry.



Live at Kisstadion, Budapest, Hungary. 26.05.89


Audience recording, Quality +8


Handmade covers designed by me, Vegueta