The Cure: Brussels '80



Looking for the covers I found the next note: "Aagh. OK. All 20 tracks ARE from the same gig, the extra tracks are simply encores of songs they already played in the set. The concert isn't from Brussels, it's from Herford, Germany on 31st May 1980 (not 30th May 1980 as several existing tapes say). Yep, it's slow the whole way through, but otherwise the sound is quite good. I would recommend it only as a CD to buy and run through a tape machine to speed up to the proper speed."

Anyway my copy has the normal speed and even worst a totally different Song list in my copy A reflection is included not mentioned on the original back cover, also Seventeen seconds is listed as the first song and in my copy is played as track 13 and the first one is A reflection, also A forest is listed as lasts 3.11 when in fact lasts 5 minutes, also in the original bootleg they mentioned 4 songs Happy Birthday, A forest, 10:15 Saturday night and Play for today any of these songs are included in my copy. Also on the web site where I found the note, I read that is a Soundbaord when in fact is pretty obvious that is an Audience, all the reasons make me think that this is the original and not the bootleg know under the name "Live in Brussels 1980" of Super Golden Radio Shows.

Also as you can see the note refers for a show at the end of May, and this one is in the middle of the same month, with the right date, I got this show from Petri and I know him enough to say that he is honest so this is the original please don't ask me again!!!

Well why the bloody hell you ask again look into Andreas site with all the cure dates and song list and this one is from Brussels just check the links section.


Song List

A reflection, play for today, 3 imaginary boys, fire in Cairo, in your house, 10:15 Saturday night, m, accuracy, jumping someone else's train, another journey by train, grinding halt, a forest, seventeen seconds, plastic passion (CUT), boys don't cry, subway song, killing an Arab.


Recorded at Brussels, Belgium. 15 May 80.

Audience recording, Quality -8.

Handmade covers designed by Belen.