The Cure: Children of the night




The sound is bad, it sounds like someone re-mastered it many times so the volume is low and too much music is lost to avoid the hiss, the first version of 100 years lasts less than 2 minutes and itís referred in the back cover as 100 years (try), the fact is that Robert did many mistakes and in certain moment of the song he decided to start the improvisation, not really brilliant and without excuses they played immediately Play for today, later they played a new 100 years this time perfect.


Song list


  1. The figurehead, m, in your house, cold, the drowning man, a short term effect, three imaginary boys, Siamese twins, other voices
  2. Primary, 100 years (try), play for today, a forest, 100 years, pornography, 10.15 Saturday night, killing an Arab, forever



Live at The Dome, Brighton, UK. April 21st 1982


Audience recording, Quality 7