The Cure: Enter: Boris




The first gig for Boris Williams in The Cure the best ever drummer that have played in that band, the chemistry between him and the rest of the band was clear since this show, even when he did some mistakes like at the beginning of Letís got to bed, in general he did a marvelous job and almost all the pieces were together for the classic and best line up, anyway Phil was still the problem, the sound isnít pretty good and the end of 100 years is cut, but in general is good enough to be include in your collection and most because the special date.


Also I want to say Thank you very much to B for this special covers design created just for me.


Song list


  1. Shake dog shake, m, secrets, wailing wall, primary, cold, the hanging garden, charlotte sometimes, the walk, 100 years
  2. Play for today, letís go to bed, give me it, a forest, happy the man, the caterpillar, three imaginary boys, boys donít cry, 10.15 saturday night, killing an arab, forever



Live at First avenue entry, Minneapolis, USA. November 7th 1984


Audience recording, Quality Ė8


Handmade covers designed by B