The Cure: Betty Boop, Los Angeles forum 15-07-1987





The real name of the bootleg is Los Angeles Forum 15-07-1987, but I insisted in write the Betty Boop since there was a vinyl bootleg from this show with that name, and the incredible design by Belen includes many covers referent to Betty Boop, including the famous pictures of Robert wearing a T-shirt of her, anyway this one is really far from the original bootleg with a much better sound and the full show, the importance of this part is that A thousand hours and Hey you!!! Were played and are included here, the sound is audience with a little bit hollow and far sound, with some minor gaps between some tracks like each 5 songs and sometimes even more in special Shiver and shake but for me the performance and the song list are so good that this one deserves to be Ė8, if we only think in the sound probably a 7, but not less, enjoy this show of The Cure at its best.


Live at the forum, Los Angeles, CA, USA. 15.07.87


Audience recording, Quality Ė8.


Incredible good covers designed by Belen.


Song list


  1. Intro, The kiss, torture, all I want, a Japanese dream, catch, just like heaven, hot hot hot, if only tonight we could sleep, like cockatoos, the walk, in-between days, how beautiful you are, the perfect girl
  2. The snakepit, a forest, fight, close to me, letís go to bed, a thousand hours, shiver and shake, hey you, three imaginary boys, primary, boys donít cry, why cant I be you