Blue Murder: Demos. 1987-1988




There is not enough info from this one, all I can say is that sounds like someone transferred them from a very old cassette, this one was shared at Dime a Dozen and the guy who did it did a wonderful review, so is better for me to copy it here for you.


I've been asked very nicely to share these recordings,so guys here they are.


The Band:

John Sykes(guitars/vocals)

Tony Franklin(bass)

Cozy Powell(drums)

Nik Green(keyboards)

Ray Gillen(vocals on 5)


In my archive I had lots of various sourced recordings of these songs,so I've picked out the best sourced onces.

The first 4 songs come from the "Early Voyage" bootleg. The last one from a tape.


Allegedly its Cozy Powell who plays drums on these, but it can also very well be Carmine Appice.


The recordings of "Riot","Ptolemy" & "Out Of Love" are all early versions of the songs which ended up being re-recorded for the self entiteled Blue Murder album released on Geffen in 1989.


Its worth noticing that "Riot" has a very different arrangement and also very different lyrics. The other 2("Ptolemy" & "Out Of Love" have very similari lyrics but are very different versions from those later released.


The two other tracks,"Carry On This Way" & "Lady Luck" have never surfaced in any other form than the ones on these demo recordings.


Also not that "Carry On This Way" also some places are refered to as "Rockin' & Rollin Our Lifes Away"


As usual keep this circulating in best possible format, and listen to the samples provided before downloading.


Don't forget,if you dont have that debut Blue Murder album, go buy it as its absolutely great IMO.


No artwork included.


uploaded on Dime july 2008 by Rideinthel



Soundboard recording, Quality 8


Song list








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