The Cure: Berlin 1982




This one has been taken from the SBD video and contains almost all the show unfortunately Forever is lost in the video and as a consequence on the bootleg, the sound is good for a transference from a video with some minors details but nothing serious apart of one lost in sound quality during, Charlotte sometimes this lost lasts like 1 minute.


Song list


  1. The figurehead, M, the drowning man, cold, Charlotte sometimes, at night, 3 imaginary boys, primary, Siamese twins, splintered in her head, a short term effect, 100 years, play for today, a strange day, a forest.
  2. Pornography, the hanging garden, 10:15 Saturday night, killing an Arab.


Live at Metropol, Berlin, Germany.  May 17th 1982


Soundboard recording, Quality 9.


Handmade covers designed by me, Vegueta.