The Cure: Moles club




Oh my god maybe the worst concert I have heard, the sound is average, the problem are the performers, Lol (I'm always defending him) played grotesque the keyboards with stupid sounds and horrible music, Andy is the second worst playing more drums than usual and playing disgusting, the surprises are Lament and The Walk, but this tour was in fact horrible and for this tour this one was grotesque, only for hardcore fans.


Also the sound goes and back during the first 2 minutes of The Figurehead and At night ends 30 seconds earlier.



Song list


  1. The figurehead, in your house, m, the drowning man, cold, siamese twins, primary,three imaginary boys, at night
  2. 100 years, play for today, a forest, pornography, the hanging garden, 10.15 saturday night, killing an Arab, lament, the walk, forever



Live at Moles club, Bath, UK. 28.07.83


Audience recording, Quality -8.


Handmade covers designed by me, Vegueta.